Why you should join Claim

You should join Claim for the people.

We aspire to build the best team of the 2020s. Just like PayPal in the 90s, Google in the 00s, and Stripe in the 10s, we want to be known as "a place where it's good to be from." If you join us, we promise to be the best place to grow your career — with the best people you've ever worked with.

There's a reason this section is at the top: it's the most important to us. If it's the most important to you too, we hope you'll keep reading.

About us

Claim is a new way for friends to connect and for brands to reward their customers. Friends earn cash back, exchange rewards, and redeem together by shopping at their new favorite brands.

For brands, Claim lets your acquire and retain your best customers, risk-free. Consumers discover brands on Claim via rewards from friends, and for high-growth brands, this word-of-mouth matching creates the perfect introduction — a reward from a friend is always better than an ad from an influencer.

Above: Claim team at our Austin, TX onsite in January 2024.

Above: Claim team at our Austin, TX onsite in January 2024.

We're fortunate to be backed by incredible investors:


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Open roles

<aside> 💡 Our open roles are below. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.